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Monday, March 20, 2006

Jack Bauer not really 24/7

Having seen the TV show '24' and understood the idea behind it - I always wondered how Jack Bauer managed to sleep, eat and go to the bathroom. Pundits would say, suspend disbelief man! - but I have found out - through careful calculations - how the Jack Attack manages to keep up his tight schedule and get is obligatory 'down time'.

This is another Victory 5 first, never seen anywhere else in the world.

Let's see what we know :
24 has 22-23 (24 for sake of argument) episodes a season.
A season of 24 is supported by 1 hour per episode leading to the magic number of 24 - 24 episodes (well 22-23) each an hour equates to a 24 hour day.

Now, the fun part. With the advent of DVD and the past seasons availabe sans commercials, I found that the Jack Attack Bauer's '24' really only comprises of 42 minutes (approx) per episode. If that is so - and there is 24 episodes (for the sake of argument) per season, it is therefore 1008 minutes for a day in Jack Bauer's life (42X24=1008).

Let's dissect it further - 1008 minutes divided by 60 (minutes in a hour) gives us the number of hours per day he is working, saving lives or being melodramatic : 16.8 hours a day. The magic number - giving him about 7.2 hours of sleep, eat and bathroom time. Jack Bauer, you are terrific.

Another Victory 5 first.


Anonymous Casey said...

I love that numbers game stuff. Great job.

9:50 AM

Anonymous Rick said...

I think he went to the bathroom once...

12:39 PM


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