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Monday, March 13, 2006

Pimp films

Movie Pimp is a new show that we've been developing at bionicbuddha and victory 5 that requires a host. We had filmed two episodes with a great host who was unfortunately unable to continue this role. Send us an email with a brief narrative about yourself and why you'd make a great host. We do ask that you have great depth and knowledge related to all genres of film. Send that email to
I realized that I had a forum to discuss interesting things and never took the opportunity to do so. Well, since we were on the subject of film, I thought I'd share this little known gem with you. One of my recent film favourites for its silliness is Wild Zero. Let me summarize the plot below:

After a meteor strikes the earth, aliens invade the planet, turning humans into zombies. Our hero Ace becomes blood brother to Japanese Rock legend, Guitar Wolf. Together with Tobio, the true love of Ace, they battle the would be conquorers and other forces of evil. I have to say, the movie has one of the cutest Japenese chicks I have ever seen, and she's not even a girl. That's right...she's a man, man. You'd be a fool not to see this one.



Anonymous kaboom said...

Holy crap, Guitar Wolf has a movie! Is Fujiyama Attack on the score? Dude, I have got to see this. I'll get back to you when I find it.

7:43 PM

Anonymous michelle gun elephant said...

Rock and roll knows no boundries or barriers regardless of gender, colour or religion!

9:48 PM

Anonymous Ramones Fan said...

I've seen the movie, you forgot to tell everone about the villainous club owner, with the skin tight short-shorts that reveal his religion. Damn, this movie rocks. Better than Rock and Roll High School. That's right I said it.

10:48 PM

Blogger BionicBuddha said...

Hey Ramone's Fan, I had to save some mystery for the audience, though, I must agree he is a great villain.

10:54 PM

Anonymous aquaman said...

The movie looks iteresting I'll definately look at it.

10:16 AM


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