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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What would you do if the world were watching?

It may be a bit premature, but we're trying to get a jump on the competition. Wrigley's (the gum people) have an upcoming promotion to launch their new "extreme" gum. They have a new website dedicated for this purpose at
Bionicbuddha has a lot of our movies, television shows (Victory5 network), experimental cinema and movie trailers on the "myextreme" site. On this site you vote for your favourite clips and vote off the one's you don't like. So, all you bionic buddha fans get out there and rock the vote.
At the moment the site seems to be having some technical issues, you'll see what we mean. They have also made some errors in our profile and listed the wrong site address and web link. We hope to have this issue resolved soon. Check it out in the meantime.
A large thanks again to Steve at Stumble records for connecting us with this promotion. There are multiple links on this blog page to his website. Check it out.


Anonymous dharma said...

I went to the site, yeah, it sucks right now.

9:25 PM

Anonymous lorry driver said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:48 PM

Anonymous stereolab said...

what's with all the bmx videos? Why does extreme always mean skateboarding and bmx? yawn. I though the catchphrase "extreme" went out in the 90's or that maybe Gillette had the copyright to it. Didn't you know that three blades on your razor also meeant extreme?

9:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when was this promo supposed to be released?

10:31 PM

Anonymous in stereo said...

I agree with stereo lab. "Extreme" is such an overused've got everything from soft drinks to razors to doritos. You throw in some prune juice and a twist of dentures and "extreme" has you covered from cradle to grave!

8:00 PM


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