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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The buddha goes backstage with key production personality

An interview with Punch Zacklusky, assistant fight choreographer for "Modern Man's Guide to the Jet Age Girl"

Many people can remember Punch for his much celebrated and award winning work on box office hits such as, "Assasin's Choice" and "Prelude to a Kill". Punch revolutionized the industry by developing scenes with spectacular visual effects (flying limbs, extra arms, spraying blood), even before Chuck Norris. Both pre and post production, Punch's colleagues have always expressed admiration for the positive energy he has brought to the film industry. As an active curler, enthusiastic gardener, and weekend oyster floater the buddha caught up with Punch in between bonspiels.

BB: You have worked with many talented members of the screen guild, to date who has been your favourite?

PZ: I don't know there have been so many...but I would say all the actors in the Modern Man's Guide were pretty easy and fun to work with.

BB: What do you think was the most challenging part in this movie?

PZ: The movie itself was easy. The actors were great and I really like the writer and working with the director of photography and the chief lighting technician. When you work with the right combination of on-screen professionals and a compliment of editors backstage, the fight scenes almost choreograph themselves. Probably the most difficult part was negotiating and inking the deal.

BB: If you are able to tell us, what finally brought you on board with this project?

PZ: Well, actually the toughest part was that the studio did not want to cover the costs of relocating my hobby horses from California to Maryland. They were also hesitant to cover the insurance costs for my favourite pet gazelles and african land snails. The tipping point and what really brought me on board was the relaxed and open-minded policy on dress code and I was also very happy to find out about their attitutde towards concealed weapons.

If you haven't already, check out the great work which PZ and crew have done in "Modern Man's Guide..." at .

Also look for great future productions at as the team at Victory 5 are consistently adding to an already solid line up of entertaining shows.


Anonymous Redding said...

I have to say that I pissed my self laughing when I read this article and the one on Buddha and the Vikings. Please more. I love the Buddha on stuff, it kills me.

4:57 PM

Anonymous Dharma said...

I loved Punch in the great Bollywood epic, "Vishnu built my Hotrod", he reprised the role Krishna. He did such a convincing job, I remember reading that people spit on him in the streets of Jabalpur thinking he was actually that despised film character.
Crazy man.

6:54 PM

Anonymous punch fan said...

I remember the work Punch did with Chuck Bronson in that movie about that hitch hiker strangling transvestite hookers, it was called, "Dead Man's Curves". It was awesome. Punch, you rule!

10:40 PM

Anonymous punch drunk said...

Does anybody recall Young Guns 5? starred Lani Jane of Warrant and Jack Russell from Great White...Punch did some incredible work although the movie sucked. The film's theme song, "Steel Apache" by Europe also stunk. The films only saving grace was Bronson Pinchot as Little Wind.
There was that scene where Punch doubled as "Calamity Jane" and was dragged by wild horses and barely escaped by cutting the rope with a sharp rock he picked up while the horses ran over a cliff.
two words: in-tense

7:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is that dude with the poodle? That picture just kills me.

8:32 PM

Anonymous cordless said...

It's Punch Zacklusky you idiot.

8:47 PM

Anonymous spiked punch said...

It's not a Punch movie, but worth honorable mention. Has anyone seen Jesus Christ, Vampire Killer? This is not a goof...but one hysterical movie.
I suggest you check it out. Do a google search, you'll find it.

10:06 PM

Blogger BionicBuddha said...

Were you suggesting by your "this is not a goof" comment, that Punch Zacklusky is a fictional character dear sir or madame?
That's just plain preposterous

10:22 PM

Anonymous chelsea girl said...

I don't get it

8:38 PM

Anonymous Giancarlo said...

I am not really familiar with Punch or some of the other movies which you are discussing, although they sound very interesting. Lately, I have been watching a lot of classical Italian neo-realist melodramas. Watch out for "Tsotsi" at the Oscar's this year!! I challenge anyone with a heart to leave the theatre without being burnished to a feel-good glow...

Presley Chweneyagae Rules.

11:47 AM


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