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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The buddha on Vikings

Vikings – The Buddha waxes pedantic on the blood-thirsty saxons of the North Atlantic

I have often dismissed the vikings as a culture of fierce and merciless warriors, fearlessly invading and terrorizing the main western European trading routes and establishing colonies as far spread from their centers of influence, as North America.

It turns out these oft misunderstood Europeans were, in fact mavericks in promoting the science of dentistry.

Additionally, the popularized images of wild-haired, helmet-donning Norseman associated with the vikings, has hardly any base in reality. Vikings used a variety of tools for personal grooming such as combs, tweezers, razors or specialized "ear spoons". Brings new meaning to the Raisin Bran commercial – two scoops !!

Vikings also used soap, long before it was reintroduced to Europe after the fall of the Byzantine Empire. (I wonder what they would have done to get their hands on some aftershave and conditioner – or even a nice herbal rinse)?

What can we take from this in terms of relevance for our fast-paced lives, filled with wireless communication and e-valentines greetings? Well, I think that firstly, before we judge nationalities and cultures in haste, we should think twice…and remember the words of the great viking king, Sæmundr Sturluson, who once observed, “Vi arbejder til stadighed på at forbedre siden, og vi håber derfor, at du vil hjælpe os med at besvare nogle få spørgsmål”.

Please check our blog next time, for future entries concerning, Søren Kierkegaard - the father of existentialism? or inspiration behind the comedic genius of Homer Simpson…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, this article post is hysterical...I love the movie site too...who are you guys?

5:36 PM

Anonymous Erik The Red said...

On the topic of Vikings....has anyone on here seen Erik THe Viking with Tim Robbins?....piss pants funny.

6:23 PM


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