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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Superman and the World of Tomorrow

Hey, we're back after taking a break, letting viewers and visitors new to bionic buddha and victory5 to catch up and get acquainted with our site. I know, I often rant about Sky Captain, but I do marvel at the DIY attitude (for the most part) that brought the film project to the silver screen. I am suprised however that no one has apparently noticed that Sky Captain directly "borrows" (almost scene for scene in some instances) from Dave Fleischer's Superman and the Mechanical Monsters (1941). Just look at the obvious similarities between the robots themselves. Also, take a close look at the flying scenes involving robots in both Superman and Sky captain, particularly note the outstretched arms that double as wings to allow the robots to fly-exactly the same for both. There is a scene in both Superman and Sky Captain where police are shooting at a giant robot. The camera perspectives, visual styles and scenes are identical. There are plenty of other similarities to note. Go take a look at it for yourself and get back to us with your comments. See the Superman episode I'm talking about here.


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