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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hit Me Baby One More Time

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There's been a resuscitation of sorts on the subject of backwards messages in songs. It's not that eldritch stuff from the 70's like Kiss and Led Zeplin. The new material is almost farcical with concealed messages obscured in the Pokemon Rap and Britney Spears lyrics. Although, Jeff Buckley's song, "Witches Rave" does revive (70's rock) venerable, unearthly motifs as it contains the backwards passage, "Oh hear me well, this I fear". It makes no bloody sense to me in all honesty...but what a great segue to announce that our newest episode of Distortions has been posted on the bionic buddha mainsite. This episode's theme is backwards messages. We also decided to post some pictures of some of the crew and our rising star, Jennifer Tilley on the set of the show. The director, Dave seemed a bit heavy on the punch that day of the shoot and decided to wheel around the Victory 5 studio in between takes. We have been corroborating with some brilliant people on myspace to produce future material and content. Ruby from the band babygod in Glascow, Scotland is presently filming a commercial for the Victory 5 Network. Please check out some of her films on her website at vidilife. I am exceptionally addicted to the babygod video and song, "One for the Boys". Another thank-you to Steve at Stumble Records for his ongoing countenance. You can see the Knucklehead/Stumble Records ad when you load the new episode of Distortions here.
We have also been developing a new show called "Your News" and are seeking video submissions related to your news stories, it can be anything that you would like to promote or talk about. Don't worry about the format or the polish, we''ll take care of that. Submit it to


Anonymous jared leto said...

Jen Tilley is a complete babe.

11:16 PM

Anonymous Brighton Boy said...

The song "Thinking of you" by Lenny Kravitz - has this reversed line: Still missing mom. We'll be missing you. Does anybody have any other cool ones?

12:38 AM

Anonymous moloko said...

That Popeye part in the newest episode of Distortions had me laughing my ass off.

2:31 AM

Anonymous Dave Snively said...

This is not the same Jenn Tilley I am used to...what happened to her sessions of pilates & hatha yoga in her private wellness studio.

9:27 AM

Anonymous Dennis Miller said...

I can't believe all the ass kissing that goes on in blogs: "you're wonderful"..."no, you are"...Jared Leto, your band, 30 Seconds to Mars should rename it 30 Seconds to Ego...I'm out of here

12:32 AM

Blogger Judas said...

If you play Lady in Red, by Chirs De Burgh, it sounds a lot better.

Judas Penrose
Poetry Politics and Piracy

8:10 AM

Anonymous boom stick said...

Wasn't Chris De Burgh known for dabbling in the occult? You know, "don't pay the Ferryman" and all that jazz...hello, the river styx?

9:15 PM


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