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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oops I Did It Again!

With Britney Spears set for her sitcom debut on the March 30 episode of Will & Grace, one member of our production team here at Bionic Buddha has been especially keen on following her every appearance. (OK, I'll admit - it is Dave the producer...seen in the blog below) The good thing is, he hasn't been formally charged with anything at this point, and his group therapy sessions have done wonder for his mood swings; which has increased everyone's morale around our studios.

As a result of this keen interest, it has come to our attention, that anyone who (for some crazy reason) might just want to belong to Britney's official fan club; they would have to pay for the privledge. Yes, you too can belong...for a mere $24.98 USD for a one year membership (for US and Canadian residents) or $29.98 USD for a one year membership (for residents outside US and Canada). This might be a reasonable charge, except that the only value it seems to provide is access to a website with chatroom and message board as well as advance ticket privledges (for already overpriced tickets).

As most of Brittney's fan base is likely teenagers and younger children, the burden of this expense falls squarely upon the shoulders of the if enduring the torture of listening to those mindless pop songs is not enough.

With musicians such as Bono promoting such worthwhile causes as ending world poverty, I don't particularly consider the Britney fanclub membership to be an expense I can justify at this point.

Perhaps when pigs fly, or he@@ freezes over I might reconsider. Maybe at that time Britney will even be nominated for a nobel peace prize or a mother-of-the-year award. Until then, I'll have to be content to watch her on Will and Grace, and listen to her in every shopping mall, waiting room, and office building that I enter.

If you haven't already, check out Distortions, Jen Tilley discusses some of the backwards lyrics which are coded in one of Britney's songs...

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Anonymous Live on Release said...

It's about time people realized what a scum-bag Britney Spears is, if they haven't already-no matter her 15 minutes are up which is evident in the fact that she is charging money to go on her message board.

10:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gret Blog! As for Britney Spears - her 15 minutes of fame have lasted 12 minutes too long for my tastes!

12:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's hot no matter what, yo.

7:43 PM

Anonymous tommy lee said...

Britney stole my virginity

9:14 PM

Anonymous justin said...

She's no Cameron Diaz, I can tell you that with some degree of certainty.

9:15 PM

Anonymous fanboy said...

I love Richard Cheese's cover of Crazy, has anyone heard it? Travis also does a good cover of hit me baby one more time. By the way, Buddha, you kick ass!

10:15 PM


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