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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Damaged Justice Tour...2007 Style!

A man died after a scuffle on a city transit bus had been in a heated argument with youths about the rock band Metallica. A 15-year-old witness testified at a preliminary hearing into Stefan Conley's death that the 35-year-old had told the young people they had no taste in heavy metal music. Conley, who was originally from Cookshire, Que., then got angry when one of the teens he ridiculed undid his belt and a top button in an invitation to perform a sex act on him, the witness said. Conley, who stood 5 feet 11 inches and weighed 198 pounds, got up and grabbed the youth. The teen yelled at the older man and told him to get away from him. Three other teens then jumped up and began punching Conley and yelling at him to leave their friend alone. The punches were "hard punches, giving it all they got." Four teens are charged with manslaughter and are in youth court for a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. The attack on Conley lasted about 10 seconds and the youths stopped punching him once he let go of their friend. The witness said Conley appeared dazed, but was still standing when the punching stopped. The four youths got off the bus, but one stopped to shove Conley as he left. The passenger testified the burly man fell backwards and struck his head on the edge of a bus seat before sliding sideways to the floor. A witness said he heard a crunching sound when Conley hit his head. Conley then started making a loud snoring noise. The witness also told defence lawyer Ed O'Neill the four teens he saw punched Conley, but at no time did they kick him or stomp on his head. The witness said he was surprised to hear the next day that Conley had died because he didn't think he had been that badly hurt. It is not an uplifting news story at all, but certainly something to take note of. I would not want to get into any kind of a music appreciation with teenagers about the merits of about "Enter Sandman"!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats awful, what a silly way to die and over something so trivial. I mean I love my music but I'd rather live.

We all have to accept that people are into different things from us, don't we?

3:43 AM

Blogger stereofish said...

In any event...Metallica sucks...anyone that has seen the movie, "some kind of monster" can attest to how dumb they can people so stupid be so wealthy...nevermind...thank the fans.

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God that is horrible! If I was that older person I definately wouldn't have grabbed the teen. That is a big no no. Sad that he had to die over something as unimportant as a differing taste in music.

3:38 PM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

That is such a travesty. I don't like Metallica, but for my own personal reasons, and not so much that I'd be willing to start an altercation over it.

Yeah, knowing me, I'd get the invitation for oral sex and take them up on it.

7:43 PM

Blogger slskenyon said...

This isn't uplifting news for people who classify groups of kids like this as "dumb teenagers."

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't decide how to feel about this story- it's pretty sad, in more ways than one. There may be things in this world worth dieing for but I wouldn't say taste in music is one of them. Freedom of Speech, on the other hand...

2:42 PM


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