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Thursday, December 14, 2006


We at bionicbuddha recently came across some interesting tidbits about the muddled origins of Santa. The oriniginal Santa was Dutch and known as Sinterklaas. Back in the day, about 325 AD, good old pious St. Nicholas and his sidekick "Black Peter" would roam the country side rewarding good children with candy, while whipping or beating the bad ones. There are also indications that the dynamic duo would also paint the faces of the bad children black. Make of it what you will, I've seen Roots and it sounds like Santa had a whole lot of slave labour, if you catch my drift.
Is Santa really that bad a guy now? Here's more, the original Dutch name, again that's Sinterklaas, means Klaus of the sinders...which is another name for Thor. To the church, Santa is known as Saint Nick, while Thor on the other hand was known as old Nick. Old Nick is also the name for someone else that's awfuly fond of red...the underworld (not born slippy), fire and brimstone...anyone?
Finally, before 1931 the image of Santa ranged from big to small and fat to thin. What happened in 31 you say? Artist Haddon Sundblom created the image that we all accept today as being Santa for Coca Cola. Now, have a Coke and a smile and enjoy Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank coke for something, I like our normal santa, fat, jolly and lovely. Young Santas scare me.

3:05 AM

Blogger stereofish said...

I heard that the whole Black Peter thing was that he was a Moor or because of the climbing down the chimney all the time, his face was permanently black as he couldn't wash out the soot.

7:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if Santa came and kicked the shit out of bad children? I mean I understand having Black Peter do his dirty work but I think Santa should man up.

10:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I like the lump of coal better than beating the bad children! Wow, santa has come a long way!

12:27 PM

Anonymous DonPato said...

Always have known Santa has criminal tendencies. Dressed in red all the time and putting small children on his knee.

San Jose

5:14 PM

Blogger china said...

8:07 AM

Blogger Rojelio said...

All I know, is that he shows up once a lots of presents...and all he wants is a cookie before going home. Is he still single?

12:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Rewired episode! I wouldn't make fun of Professor Brown if he came to my house in his lab coat.

6:58 PM

Blogger C said...

It's that paradox of the commercialized Christmas that no longer exemplifies the birth of Christ but the increase of sin.

5:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd heard of the Black Peter sidekick, who also apparently stuffed the bad kids into his sack to take away. But the Thor connection was news - interesting. Seems Like Christmas should always fall on Thor's day (Thursday) then.

3:40 AM

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