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Sunday, January 21, 2007

enter sandman

My name is Iggy, I am one of the guys that works in production at and Dreams, I want to talk about dreams. A married co-worker once told me that she had a dream where she saw me standing on a hill and was calling my name and as she ran towards me we were being shot at, she then proeceeded to tell me that we had to twirl around to fly away together. I later discovered (through someone into dream symbolism) that it was in actuality a romantic dream...we were being chased and shot at because she was entertaining the thought of doing something wrong. The flying away bit was a dream about freedom...escaping her marriage. Don't worry, I'm not a creep, nothing became of it. My roomate also told me about this dream he recently had where we were being chased by vampires through the halls of our home, in his dream he told me that we had to wear bras to protect us from the vampires. He didn't say if there was garlic in them or not. I'm not homophobic and I'm not sure what his dream implied but I really didn't want to parade around in women's underwear if that's what he was hinting at wanting.


Blogger stereofish said...

I had a dream as a kid that I was molested by lady bug people from outer space.

7:56 PM

Anonymous Waterfowler_67 said...

I had the same dream but it was with a turkey. For some reason I was carrying a smoothbore barrel with a choke. So what the heck does that mean?

8:02 PM

Blogger Rojelio said...

Depending upon the bra, your dream might mean very different things. I think that anyone would be crazy to ruin a DKNY chinchilla lined bra/panty set from Macy's.

8:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once dreamt that Steve Tyler from Aerosmith was in my old toy room and he undressed all of my Barbies and put them in wierd sexual positions.

I don't think I want to know the meaning of that dream...

8:16 PM

Anonymous kahlo said...

Maybe it was Catholic guilt,but I used to have a lot of dreams about heaven and hell. I once dreamt I fought the devil and then went to Heaven which was filled with balloons.

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still having super odd dreams...though one of my favs was when I got to have my own space ship :-)

3:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently had a dream where I fought vampires in my [former] apartment. Very strange. I think I may have had some kinf od super powers though because i could fly. Maybe I was a vampire with a soul? I haven't watched Angel for a long time but I sure used to.

11:48 AM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

I'm already fucked up enough awake. You don't WANT to know what I dream about with no constraints.

10:42 PM

Blogger R2K said...

I have so many strange dreams. Just try to enjoy them.

7:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:53 PM


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