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Monday, January 15, 2007

Regina Monologues

Who knew it, but apparently Regina Spektor is a huge Rewired fan who has a not-so-secret crush on show host, David (Professor) Brown. Spektor was quoted as saying, “I watch Rewired, it seems better and hipper than most stuff on television. It seems code lingo saturated. I’m so in love when I watch Mr. Brown’s word morphing and it comes across like a Japanese cyber-punk haiku.”
In response, Mr. Brown was quoted as saying, what can I say, that that broad has great lips…by the way did you know that Dr. Harvey Kellog intended his first breakfast cereal to be an antidote for masturbation?”
You can catch Professor Brown on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson next week and on the March cover of Kerrang! Magazine.
Watch Rewired here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh. I knew that someone would snatch up Professor Brown before I could get to him. And someone of celebrity stature too!

Life just isn't fair....

10:00 PM

Blogger stereofish said...

It isn't fair for sure. I'm in love with Regina Spektor. What can Brown do for you?

10:05 PM

Blogger sink sink socks said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dr. Harvey Kellog intended his first breakfast cereal to be an antidote for masturbation?”


2:59 AM

Blogger BionicBuddha said...

Yes, that Kellog factoid is absolutely true.

2:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:46 PM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

Well, we all know *I* don't eat any Kellogg's.

And that's awesome about Regina Spektor! You should feel all tingly inside. I know I would.

6:19 PM

Anonymous Regina Fan said...

Yes, I read in an interview that the song "Samson" is about Professor Brown. The lyrics are "Your hair was long when we first met".

I guess his hair was long when he first met her. But then she cut his hair with "a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light". And he told her that she'd done alright...

5:23 PM

Blogger Deepak Gopi said...
Pls watch it.

12:56 AM

Anonymous Waterfowler_67 said...

I watched the late show all week and Professor Brown was a "no show"...perhaps he had some other commitments which he could not turn down.

9:58 AM


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