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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It Tastes Awful. And it Works

We've all heard the commercials. If you have been sick enough you may have even tried "Buckley's" cough medicine. As the good people at Buckley's say "It Tastes Awful. And it Works".
Well, I have tried Buckley's and I am here to tell you that yes it does taste awful (but it doesn't have to).
Whether cough medicine works is really up for debate - most colds take 7-10 days to work through your system anyways. Does any cough medicine eliviate the symptoms (read as 'make tolerable') or actually combat the cold? My guess is that it helps us enough with a bandage/crutch approach - basically it gets us through the day rather than actually helping to 'rid' ourselves of a cold.
Oh by the way, to STOP it from tasting awful - don't keep your mouth closed over the spoon when you drink it. Swallow it quickly and open your mouth back up again. The bad taste comes from the medicine being trapped in your mouth and having no place to escape.
He isn't a doctor, but Prof David Brown has lots of good insight into other strange facts on Rewired - and if you want even stranger human interest stories, check out Eric on Mostly Weird News.


Blogger Em Lo said...

Eh, I've tried pinching my nose but somehow the awful awful taste still manages to elude my attempts at banishment.

12:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tried plugging my nose as well and it didn't work.

11:41 AM

Anonymous stringer said...

I have heard that nearly all cough medicines really have no medical properties that help your cold or cough so maybe the "It tastes awful and it works" moniker is moot.

12:53 PM

Anonymous home remedy said...

garlic: I have heard this from friends that were far as colds go...Garlic is's a recipe: Chop and peel five garlic cloves. Cover with a half a cup of honey. Mix in a little cayenne pepper. Let sit for at least an hour. Take one teaspoonful as needed.
Cayenne pepper: Used in small amounts, helps your immune system.
garlic is best for colds and flu never mind that chicken soup...and its not so bad at keeping away the creatures of the night too.

1:25 PM

Anonymous waterfowler_67 said...

Thanks, Cliff Clavin, I mean Home Remedy!

You can take all that cayenne pepper, garlic, or the buckley's placebo...frankly I'll just wait the symptoms out!

2:12 PM

Anonymous home remedy said...

Bucley's is definately a placebo...but ask any physician about the garlic Waterfowler and he'll agree. It's not some herbal, alternate medicine cure...just good advice.
Well for a cold..I don't know about the flu...a virus is a virus.
I doubt garlic combtas viruses.

2:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Home Remedy, is there any chance you sell garlic or work for a grocery retail there any other "snake oil" which will 'cure' me & also taste great in a pasta sauce?

3:35 PM

Blogger R2K said...

What is bionic budda anyway?

9:45 PM

Blogger BionicBuddha said...

Long story Alex...we were looking for a name for our project that was reflective of what we do...movies and tv for mobile devices...but everything we though about was taken in the .com idea was bionicbackpack...because it combined the idea of the future and portability but it seemed a bit too long and confusing then on a lark someone suggested bionic buddha and it didn't mean anything and it could adapt itself to anything if terminology/technology or the direction of what we did changed we wouldn't have to worry about it....well that's basically it..I wish I could have come up with some fabulously romanticized version for you...but that's all it is, just a fun nonsense name.

10:36 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Cool post of the med! Hehe. Thx for the comment on my blog! About my nephew, most of the time, he just sleeps and eats, oh yeah, and he cries, too. But it's ok, cuz he's a baby, and that's what babies do! Haha. I'm still working on the blanket. I wanted to get it done by the time I have to do my speech, which is on Tues, but I don't think that will happen. I'm sure it'll be finished by next weekend though! Have a nice weekend!

9:51 AM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

You know what works for me? Making everyone around me as miserable as I am. ;-)

10:27 PM

Blogger Gina said...

I swear by Buckley's when I'm sick. I do what's known in my house as "The Buckley Stomp." I have gotten used to the taste now and I find it really shortens the length of the cold. Because of health issues, I had to forego my beloved Nyquil and seek out something else. A friend turned me on to it and warned me.
She said, "It tastes awful."
"Oh please how bad could it be?"
That's when I learned the stomp. Wall slapping is a variant on this in"turp"ertive dance.

3:34 PM


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