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Thursday, April 20, 2006

saying I love you...

I’m not sure that many of you know this, but there are several of us that post on the bionic buddha blog. For example, my name is Iggy. The bionicbuddha crew each take turns at posting things we find of interest, that fit our format and support our main website, This post will stray from our usual fomat but my point is that I want to talk about me. I recently connected with an old friend I haven’t heard from in about two years, she told me that she wanted to talk to me about something in person but wouldn’t provide the details…this got my mind racing as to what it could be. Yes, I must add that she is very attractive and myself, an average joe…has ten guesses as to what she might say when we meet, here they are:
1. “I am making a film on aging rock stars, I want you play the lead in my movie, More Than Words. The Nuno Bettencourt Story”.
2. “Could you marry my Eastern European cousin so that she can remain in the country”
3. “I have to leave the country for a while, as in immediately…can you take care of my cat?...and ignore that stench coming from the freezer, it’s nothing”.
4. “My mom has been real lonely since she and my dad separated, I was wondering…”
5. “I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was wondering…um…well, if you…wanted…well, you know…to see if you had any single friends to hook me up with”
6. “I have been dating this guy, Jason Suttie…he’s become insanely jealous and thinks I’m messing around on him…can I lay low at your pad?”
7. “My friend Brian thinks you’re hot”
8. “My dad thinks you’re hot”
9. “I got a new job with the police internet crime investigations unit…funny thing, I looked up your name on a lark…”
10. “Hi, my name is Joel Greenberg, Annette couldn't make it...this is a restraining order”
Please help a brother out as I am trying to solve this mystery...any add ons to my list?


Anonymous slick said...

My friend Mike and his friends used to have a saying where if they thought someone was a loser they would say, "hey, check out that Nuno".

10:40 PM

Anonymous Lita said...

He's still good looking, but Kip Winger has my vote as the sexiest man alive.

10:50 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Hello! Thx for the nice comment on my project. Check back soon 4 updates! Im going to subscribe to ur blog. Looks interesting! =)

12:11 AM

Anonymous fanboy said...

It could have been worse, you could have been asked to play Rob Halford in 'Hell Bent For Leather, The Story Of Judas Priest"...wait a minute that has been done, it was called Rock Star with Marky Mark.

10:26 AM

Anonymous waterfowler_67 said...

Hopefully she doesn't ask you to donate a can't buy them on Ebay anymore.

1:22 PM

Anonymous four twenty said...

maybe she's looking to score some meth.

2:56 PM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

Don't get yourself all worked up. It'll probably be nothing. Remember, she's a woman, and we tend to over-dramatize things.

6:14 PM


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