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Friday, August 18, 2006

TP - Title Plot

There are a rare few titles that can sum up an entire movie in one sentence - the "Title-Plot" movies (yes, we made it up or 'coined it' if you will) or "T.P." for short (I am aware of the other acronym which is quite appropriate for these types of movies).

"Snakes on a Plane" did just that. There is no underlying message, there is no subplot or subtext that you have to see the movie to understand. You just need the T.P.

Cheers to the people at New Line Cinema graphics department (thanks Sherry Wilchowski!) for giving BB a shout out on the "SOAP" poster; hidden in the scales of the snakes. Clever boys & girls there are New Line...


Blogger Gyula said...

A big hello from Hungary! Great blog you have! Thanx for the visit and comment on my page.
Have a nice weekend!

10:54 AM

Anonymous Waterfowler_67 said...

I don't like snakes and I don't like flying...why the hell would I like snakes on a plane?

Now if it were snacks on a plane, we could be in business!

12:01 PM

Blogger Rodia said...


2:52 PM

Blogger Lord Omar said...

SoaP isn't exactly my cup of tea, hell, going to the theater isn't exactly my cuppa, but I will be going to see the flick in a week or so once the initial mania dies down a bit.

4:51 PM

Blogger your said...

phentermine nice :)

6:52 PM

Blogger your said...

phentermine nice :)

6:52 PM

Blogger Susan Jones said...

Love snakes, love planes, love great titles!

9:22 AM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

The whole movie seems cockamamie to me. I'd rather crash than have to deal with those, those, things. And I used to have a pet snake.

5:34 PM

Blogger Vengelyne said...

Ok... you're the 2nd person in blogger that seems to be fascinated with this movie. I really gotta go catch it when it gets released (if it ever reaches our shore, that is) although the radio says - B Grade film... hmm...

9:15 PM

Blogger FreeCyprus said...

The movie is so's good.

Like "Plan 9 From Outta Space", a bad B-Movie that just has to be seen

8:41 PM

Blogger Smallville Fan said...

If you look carefully, the tail wrapped around on the right does not belong to any of the two snakes on the picture.

12:19 AM

Blogger Smallville Fan said...

The way the two snakes wrapped around the plane made them look like they have the same tail.

12:26 AM

Blogger Dear AL said...

Vengelyne, Noooooooo!!!!! If you go see that movie, then I have to see it! Dammit!

Hey BionicBuddha! That's one movie I'm gona try not to see in this life!

1:16 AM

Blogger atenea crisoelefantina said...

querido bionic buddha,
no es lo mismo "tener los huevos" que "tener huevos"...así que especifica... un beso y gracias por entrar en mi blog!

1:26 AM

Blogger R2K said...

Has anyone seen this film?

8:31 AM

Blogger stereofish said...

I loved Snakes on a was really bad but fun cinema..the audience participation was amazing...cheering, laughing, hissing..I heard that it has been a universal phenomenon everwhere.

10:11 AM

Blogger miZ said...

for some strange reason I have a very strong desire to see this movie... but then again, I am fond of all things cheesy and I am sure this will fit the bill!

2:15 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

Coucou, Bionic Budha.
This is the symbol of medecine in France.
The caduceus of the god Mercury.

1:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:34 AM


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