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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Celebrity Headlines

Sometimes when I skim the newspaper headlines certain headlines may grab my attention and invariably make me curious to read further. I am including here a list of my favourite headlines which have surfaced in the recent news:

Schwarzenegger Gives up Hummers - Arnold has ditched his beloved fleet of Hummer vehicles in a bid to save the environment. Good work Arnold. He might even be presedential material, if he could only keep his mouth shut long enough to stop from making prejudgemental comments about Cubans and Puerto Ricans.

a completely unrelated headline:

Simpson Wears Rooster Neclance to Make up for Lack of Sex - To borrow a quote from a more witty source...Cock-a-doodle-doo or any-cock-will-do?

and last, but not least:

Baby Suri Cruise Dumps $10,000 on Charity - Internet Casino Buys a Bronze Casting Inspired by Suri Cruise's Baby Poop - has made a name for themselves by buying strange and sometimes ridiculous items that make headlines worldwide. Their assortment of oddities is currently touring the US in a traveling museum. Included are such well-known items as the Britney Spears Pregnancy Test, William Shatner's Kidney Stone, and the wildly popular Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The baby poop will take it's rightful place in Golden Palace's motley collection of American pop-culture. I am just glad that they did not choose to create a sculpture based on the crap that comes out of Tom Cruise's mouth these days. In a world that just seems to be filled with people who have more money than brains how long will it be before we see a bronze casting inspired by a Paris Hilton STD?


Blogger Natalie said...

Now let me see if i have this right, a poop inspired sculpture not a actual bronzed terd, right? Either way, who cares?

1:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear heavens, I didn't think it was possible but there are people out thier who are even more warped then Tom Cruise.

2:23 AM

Blogger spoon said...

oh ho ho! Good point!!!

4:10 AM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

I hear Paris has the herpes.

And that bronzed poop? Will people stop at nothing?

12:12 PM

Blogger Ashley said...

"Simpson Wears Rooster Neclance to Make up for Lack of Sex"

i heard about that. quite amusing, i must say.

6:03 PM

Blogger Thebodytalk said...

How many Hummers does Arnold have?

7:44 PM

Blogger Sheila said...

Ok... I've heard of getting bronzed baby shoes but the baby's poop?!?!? This kid is going to need so much therapy when she gets older.

11:06 AM

Blogger Meras said...

Not bad with these Arnold Hummers, I haven't heard that, till now:)

9:50 AM

Blogger R2K said...


9:25 AM

Blogger slskenyon said...

That does not really come as a surprise once I think about it for a minute. I remember watching a spot on one of those too-long morning news shows where a woman talked about pillaging garbage from famous people--and proudly showed off a plastic bag of olive pits that were supposedly disposed of by Stephen Tyler. Too bad too few people realize the benefits of getting a life.

4:54 PM

Blogger Godknows said...

very interesting.

11:07 AM


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