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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oroslan the @#$%*&!

Fathers, secure your daughters, that handsome fribbler, Oroslan is back and looking to court before winter's hibernation. Well, there is a new episode of World 1 Wrestling up now. Oroslan misses his lines and such profanity ensues that it would make Quentin Tarantino blush. Click the image above to take you to the World 1 episode page or click this homepage link to take you to the no download flash version.


Blogger JR's Thumbprints said...

I never been into the whole WWF scene; however, the prisoners at work seem to always talk about it.

12:10 AM

Blogger Freak Magnet said...

I dated a guy really into the wrestling. It was hilarious how into some guys get - it's basically a man's soap opera with some fake fights built in.

7:31 PM

Anonymous shadow falcon said...

How can anyone resist a guy like that?

3:08 AM

Anonymous Shari T. said...

I am writing in response to the reference to me on your website as Oroslan's "on and off again girlfriend". I don't know what Oroslan has been telling people but we are definitely ON!! We have our problems like any other couple. 1). We have a long distance relationship. It is a 15 hour donkey ride from my village to his. 2). Our families have been feuding for 3 centuries. 3). I like to watch romantic comedies, while he prefers movies about beer drinking contests or football. But other than that, everything is great! He has taught me how to shoot a bow and arrow so that I can kill game for his favourite goulash. He has also shown me everything I need to know in the ring, so if any of you ladies get any ideas about him being single, I'm not afraid to take you down!!

7:11 AM

Blogger Sheila said...

Oh my God. My boyfriend watches WWE all the time. I only watch the WWE's RAW but he watches all of them... It is so funny. I mean yes they really are wrestling and they do get seriously hurt but come on. It is a total man's soap opera. He gets so excited sometimes and he'll sit up and yell at the TV and sometimes he'll giggle. I just stare at him in awe. I didn't know guys could feel a range of emotions like that... too bad it's toward a TV show.

1:21 PM

Blogger Rojelio said...

The only time I have ever felt like hitting someone was on the second floor at the annual Harrods in London Boxing Day sales event.

First of all, you would not believe how hard it is to find shoes in my size. Well, some rude woman tried to get ahead of me and take the last pair of A. Marinelli pink slingbacks (which were the perfect match for a gucci handbag that I had just bought).

Can you believe the nerve?

6:53 PM

Blogger R2K said...

Wild : )

8:20 PM

Blogger Meras said...

I haven't watched any of these WWF, but maybe it is interesting for others

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1:58 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Just dropping by to say hello.... I always enjoy visiting your blog!

2:25 PM


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