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Monday, July 03, 2006

Calling All Bands


Anonymous royal trux said...

I love the girls on these shows (Vsides, Sada and Distortions), I don't mean that in a perverted way, buut they seem very unique and interesting. Good talent...where are they from?

10:49 PM

Blogger stereofish said...

What is with the name Jen Tilley and fame?...There's is an element of synchronicity with that name. Jen Tilly the famous movie actress, Jen Tilley, the fitness guru. There's a Jen Tilley from the American mid-west who is a competitive cycler and who has a blog unrelated to the Distortions host Now, there's a Jen Tilley that hosts Distortions.
Damn should have been born a Jen Tilley..well that would also make me a woman, which I'm not.

11:01 PM

Anonymous waterfowler_67 said...

Solid talent...that is what I say.


9:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Jen Tilley is from Texas. I'm not too sure - that accent is kind of strange.

9:56 AM

Blogger elkinha said...

great blog u 2!!

thanks for the compliments 2 mine!

9:39 AM

Blogger Queen of The Harpies said...

I wish I did videos to send you...

10:38 PM


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