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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Madonna: From Dunkin Donuts to Blonde Ambition

In June, it was announced that Madonna and her tour dancers, would be the new face of an H&M fashion line. A specially-made "Madonna tracksuit" was also announced as being prepared for the retail chain. This "new" Madonna tracksuit is to be sold exclusively in the stores as well, but there is no word yet on marketing strategy. I have a about a "high mileage and all-season" product line. They could also include some hip hugging jeans for Keith Richards, and some rayon dress shirts for Charlie Sheen.
Making a career of satirizing celebrities' lives is commonplace for many entertainment journalists, but for those who are more interested in knowing the real facts check out this episode of Distortions which disspells any myth that Madonna once took an IQ test and the results were "negative".


Blogger stereofish said...

I'm not really sure why celebs always find it nrecessary to cross over into other areas...musicians turned actors or again in this case musicians starting a clothing line...I suppose they really adopt that edict "you can never have enough money".

8:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not understanding their core competencies is what ruined Sanford & Son..."trash" meant "cash"; but when they got into "copper", they lost all their competitive destroyed them. Poor Fred didn't have a chance!

stick to what you know!

10:22 PM

Blogger miZ said...

I really need to get back to your page more often... you never cease to crack me up!

8:52 AM


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