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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Better Luck Dead

Hey everyone, Dave from bionicbuddha sent a submission to 102.1 The Edge's YouTube challenge. For those outside Toronto and Ontario, Canada, CFNY/The Edge is a popular alternative terrestrial radio station. Here's the synopsis for the video he submitted, "Clint Handsome Slick is both a womanizer & renegade cop that never learned the rules. Ladies and Criminals don't have a chance when 'Slick' is on the case. Danny Pistano is the Chief - although Slick is a thorn in his side, he can't argue with his results. Slick's first movie, is called 'Better Luck Dead' or subtitled, H is for Handsome.
Show some support and check out his submission:

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I used to be fascinated by synchronicity in my life…it has always been there but I had started putting it out of my mind until recently when a friend of mine told me about something that just happened to him. Out of respect I can’t share his story but will tell you one of my own after helping clarify what synchronicity is in the context that I mean it. The Penguin English Dictionary defines it as the coincidence in a person’s life of two or more events which seemed to be linked in significance but which have no causal connection. Here are some examples I found on the internet:

“On Nov. 8, 1979, my brother came for dinner. He drops in for a surprise visit every four or five years, and on this occasion he wanted to hear about our trip to Scotland. I mentioned ospreys which breed at Loch Garten. Immediately afterwards my wife turned on the TV where a nature film had just begun. It was about ospreys and their life and breeding near Loch Garten.”

“On July 31, 1985, I was reading a textbook on anatomy and physiology in connection with a back injury, and I got the idea to measure my height, possibly to see if I had shrunk in the joints. Last time I measured my height was 2 years earlier. Less than two hours later the main character in a Swiss movie on TV had his height measured by some doctors.”

Ok, so here’s my story…it actually prompted me to start a book that I’ll never finish:

About three years ago, an old friend living in Detroit phoned me unexpectedly, I was listening to the song Deathwatch by Art Bergman. He began telling me about a dream his cousin, Alexia recently had that prophesized my death. She made him call me. I pissed my pants laughing and ridiculed the poor bastard to death. Four days following that, I received another phone call. I heard that Alexia’s mother passed away, very unexpectantly. Her brother, Nick and I had always been childhood friends but lost touch throughout the years. At the funeral, following the proceedings, Nick came over to me and said, “Alexia told me about the dream she had where you passed away, and then our mother dies. I thought to myself, so? There’s no connection there, and then I remembered something…Happy Birthday, he said. His mother died on my birthday, the exact hour I was born.

Life is mysterious, I haven’t decided if it’s fate or coincidence yet.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

enter sandman

My name is Iggy, I am one of the guys that works in production at and Dreams, I want to talk about dreams. A married co-worker once told me that she had a dream where she saw me standing on a hill and was calling my name and as she ran towards me we were being shot at, she then proeceeded to tell me that we had to twirl around to fly away together. I later discovered (through someone into dream symbolism) that it was in actuality a romantic dream...we were being chased and shot at because she was entertaining the thought of doing something wrong. The flying away bit was a dream about freedom...escaping her marriage. Don't worry, I'm not a creep, nothing became of it. My roomate also told me about this dream he recently had where we were being chased by vampires through the halls of our home, in his dream he told me that we had to wear bras to protect us from the vampires. He didn't say if there was garlic in them or not. I'm not homophobic and I'm not sure what his dream implied but I really didn't want to parade around in women's underwear if that's what he was hinting at wanting.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Regina Monologues

Who knew it, but apparently Regina Spektor is a huge Rewired fan who has a not-so-secret crush on show host, David (Professor) Brown. Spektor was quoted as saying, “I watch Rewired, it seems better and hipper than most stuff on television. It seems code lingo saturated. I’m so in love when I watch Mr. Brown’s word morphing and it comes across like a Japanese cyber-punk haiku.”
In response, Mr. Brown was quoted as saying, what can I say, that that broad has great lips…by the way did you know that Dr. Harvey Kellog intended his first breakfast cereal to be an antidote for masturbation?”
You can catch Professor Brown on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson next week and on the March cover of Kerrang! Magazine.
Watch Rewired here.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

fat boy slim

Well, the new punk show Stumblevision is up at our home sites, and The new show is a departure from our usual fare. Our host Steve Stumble (former Sick Boys lead man), travels North America filming his adventures, think of it as punk rock reality TV with heart. In Rolling Stone magazine, Lester Bangs once wrote how impressed he was by Stumble's non-stop consumption of Irish whiskey and Guiness and that he found the Sick Boy quite charasmatic. See for yourself in our new show. Click the image above or here to watch episode 1.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Damaged Justice Tour...2007 Style!

A man died after a scuffle on a city transit bus had been in a heated argument with youths about the rock band Metallica. A 15-year-old witness testified at a preliminary hearing into Stefan Conley's death that the 35-year-old had told the young people they had no taste in heavy metal music. Conley, who was originally from Cookshire, Que., then got angry when one of the teens he ridiculed undid his belt and a top button in an invitation to perform a sex act on him, the witness said. Conley, who stood 5 feet 11 inches and weighed 198 pounds, got up and grabbed the youth. The teen yelled at the older man and told him to get away from him. Three other teens then jumped up and began punching Conley and yelling at him to leave their friend alone. The punches were "hard punches, giving it all they got." Four teens are charged with manslaughter and are in youth court for a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. The attack on Conley lasted about 10 seconds and the youths stopped punching him once he let go of their friend. The witness said Conley appeared dazed, but was still standing when the punching stopped. The four youths got off the bus, but one stopped to shove Conley as he left. The passenger testified the burly man fell backwards and struck his head on the edge of a bus seat before sliding sideways to the floor. A witness said he heard a crunching sound when Conley hit his head. Conley then started making a loud snoring noise. The witness also told defence lawyer Ed O'Neill the four teens he saw punched Conley, but at no time did they kick him or stomp on his head. The witness said he was surprised to hear the next day that Conley had died because he didn't think he had been that badly hurt. It is not an uplifting news story at all, but certainly something to take note of. I would not want to get into any kind of a music appreciation with teenagers about the merits of about "Enter Sandman"!!

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